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It is very important that before paving commences around any pool that all unearthed sand which hold air pockets receive Pencil Compaction thoroughly too eliminate cavities which could cause paving sinkage and pool misalignment at a later date.


Without  compaction an average size 8 metre pool requires up to 35 hours of saturation below the surface in order for air pockets and cavities to be filled in over a six week period. This works out to one hour of labour and approximately 800 litres of water per day, with still no guarantee that paving will not collapse in the future.


There is now a safe alternative to save you time, effort and water. Pencil Compaction is done in less than one day and gives you the peace of mind that the job will be done right the first time with the guarantee that your paving/landscaping will not sink in the future.



Why Choose Consolidation Enterprises?


Consolidation Enterprises is recommended by all major pools companies in WA because we are:


Fully Insured

• Public Liability

• Business insurance


Fully Qualified

• All Fibreglass / Concrete models

• All soil types

• Drainage issues


Fully Guaranteed

• Pool Levels

• Pool Sides Bowing

• Paving Sinking



Our Pencil Compaction and Paving Process Steps:

Some contractors working in Perth around fibreglass and concrete pools are unqualified to do works such as pencil compacting. Please be aware using unprofessional contractors may void the warranty on your pools shell and are not recommended by the major pool companys for obvious reasons.

Before organising any works around your pool we recommend contacting your pool company and make sure they recommend only professionals who will fully guarantee their work and are willing to provide independent customer references. 


Expensive Results of Poor Compaction


The pictures above illustrates what can happen if an unqualified contractor compacts a pool. The shallow end of the pool has sunk by 30mm creating an uneven look when the pool is full. It now requires supports under the edgebeam to jack the shell to the correct height.

Pencil Compacting for immediate paving

For immediate paving & to avoid sinking pavers.

All work guaranteed.

Paving Protection / Protection Boards

Against heavy machinery on driveways paving, grass & concrete.

Free laying.

Temporary Fencing

We provide LONG and SHORT TERM HIRE of temporary fencing  around Pools, Building Construction sites and Concert Event sites.


We will supply you with top quality Temporary Fencing products that you hire with confidence.

Paving around pools

For all your Paving needs.

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