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Hire Paving Protection Boards



When ever there is large machinery involved in earthworks or renovations, it is likely there will be some damage caused. Whether it is permanent marking on paving, or indentations on grass, most can be avoided by laying a protective boarding down prior to earthworks.


With the boards acting as a buffer between the heavy machinery and the surface which is being protected, it also allows the added weight from the machine to be distributed throughout the surface area of the board.


Our Protection Boards are F17 Grade and protect your pavement and lawn from heavy machinery, avoiding damage and expensive repairs


All prices are based on a minimum weekly hire which includes the delivery and pickup.


With the laying of the boards also included in the cost you won't have to worry about the positioning  or placement of the boards prior to excavation.


After the works have been complete, we will sweep the boards and remove them from their original position, leaving you less mess and less damage.


Other uses in which the boards can be used for include:


  • Bobcats
  • Excavators / Rockbreakers
  • Cranes
  • Building Material eg Limestone Blocks
  • Landscape material eg Moss rock for waterfalls
  • Hand dig excavations to dump sand on driveways
  • Protection for paved driveways, concrete and grass etc.


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Why risk damage to your expensive driveway? Order our solid Protection Boards before you start any construction work on your pool or renovations. 


Our Boards stop SCUFFING, MARKING, CRACKING and PERMANENT SINKING of your pavers and lime-stone.


Note: Most pool installations require heavy machinery like cranes, excavators and bobcats to use your driveway. These machines will leave PERMANENT DAMAGE without adaquate protection in place.


Damage Caused By Heavy Machinery

Pencil Compacting for immediate paving

For immediate paving & to avoid sinking pavers.

All work guaranteed.

Paving Protection / Protection Boards

Against heavy machinery on driveways paving, grass & concrete.

Free laying.

Temporary Fencing

We provide LONG and SHORT TERM HIRE of temporary fencing  around Pools, Building Construction sites and Concert Event sites.


We will supply you with top quality Temporary Fencing products that you hire with confidence.

Paving around pools

For all your Paving needs.

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