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Secure and Protect Your Property


Temporary fencing around housing and building sites is on the increase. Due to the rise of theft and vandalism on sites, temporary fencing is the most convenient and affordable way of protecting any property.


 In some of our neighbouring states, temporary fencing has been made mandatory around any new building site to reduce not only these issues but also to prevent any liabilities or injuries which may occur from outside factors.


Consolidation Enterprises prides itself in ensuring all sites are 100% safe and meets all OSH regulations once the fencing is installed.


We Guarantee your fence will be installed next day installation.


We have a range of fencing products which will cater for most building sites, some of these include:

  • Temporary Fence Panels (2400mm x 2100mm / Weld Mesh)
  • Temporary Fence Panels (3000mm x 1800mm / Chain Wire)
  • Concrete Feet / Star Pickets
  • Stabilizers
  • Vehicle / Pedestrian Entry Gates
  • Shade Cloth / Weed Matting
  • Advertising Banners or Logos



All Vehicles are Navigated for Immediate Delivery


Large Vehicle Range and Trailers
5 x 1 Tonne Utes and Trailers (GPS Tracked),

2 x 4 Tonne Trucks (GPS TRacked)

1 x 10 Tonne Truck w/hiab



Secured and Positioned correctly.  All fencing string line, perfect background to any construction site.


We have a large number of vehicles and trailers which can deliver and install hundreds of metres at one time.


We offer the Higest Degree Of Security and Safety


At Consolidation Enterprises we offer 2 main types of temporary fencing which will accomodate for all requirements in the building industry.


Construction Fencing (2400mm x 2100mm)

These welded steel  panels are ideal for any construction project. These panels are pre-fabricated in 2400mm x 2100mm galvinised steel. All mesh is welded to the frame giving it rigorous support to withstand the elements of building.


  •  Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  •  No digging or creating holes.
  •  Achored down with 30kg concrete feet.
  •  Each panel is clamped to avoid seperation.
  •  Extra stabilty with supports and feet.


Chain Wire Fencing (3000x 1800)

These traditional panels are manufactured locally and consist of galvinised chain link wire laced to the frame making it an ideal barrier to keep intruders out.


  •  Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  •  Supported by starpickets - (normal ground).
  •  Supported by T-Stands - (hard ground).
  •  Pedestrian or vehicle gates - No extra charge.
  •  Each panel is connected with 2.5mm tie wire.




In addition to temporary fencing for building and construction projects and general site security, we offer a range of other complimentary services, including:


  • Temporary Fencing (Weld Mesh / Chain Wire)
  • Shade Cloth (Various Grades)
  • Printed Shade Cloth (Logos)
  • Weedmatting (Complete Blockout)
  • Vehicle Gates (Double Gates)
  • Pedestrian Gates

Pencil Compacting for immediate paving

For immediate paving & to avoid sinking pavers.

All work guaranteed.

Paving Protection / Protection Boards

Against heavy machinery on driveways paving, grass & concrete.

Free laying.

Temporary Fencing

We provide LONG and SHORT TERM HIRE of temporary fencing  around Pools, Building Construction sites and Concert Event sites.


We will supply you with top quality Temporary Fencing products that you hire with confidence.

Paving around pools

For all your Paving needs.

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