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Terms and Conditions - Pencil Compaction


Deposit and Payments

  1. The customer acknowledges that the credit card details provided to Consolidation Enterprises will be used to secure the booking.  Due to bank increases in credit card fees, a 1.5% charge will be applied if the credit card is used (debit cards not included).
  2. In the event of a service being cancelled, the customer acknowledges that a 25% cancellation fee will be incurred.  If any of the dates change for any of the services, there will be no charges applied to provide Consolidation Enterprises has been notified of the changes.
  3. EFT payments must be made prior to the day of the job and a transaction receipt emailed:
    • BSB: 066 16
    • Account No: 1019 1599 (Please use surname as reference)
  4. If the customer has not prepaid by EFT or given cash to our worker on the day of the job, the credit or debit card provided will be processed for payment.  Warranties will not be provided until the payment has been made in full.
  5. The customer is aware that if any charge is not paid within one calendar month, a late payment fee of 5% will be applied weekly until the invoice is paid in full.
  6. All accounts that proceed to legal action will have an interest charge fee applied at the current general interest charge (GIC) rate prescribed by the Australian Taxation Office. The amount will be calculated daily from the due date until the amount outstanding is settled. The debtor will also be liable to cover all costs incurred regarding the recovery of the outstanding debt.



  1. Compactions cannot occur on the same day as the header course installation unless it’s done before the header course commences. Charges will apply if compaction works cannot begin due to this happening.
  2. It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm the water level in the pool is at the desired level, which is halfway up the skimmer box. (Not applicable for liner or concrete pools). Extra call out fees will apply if the water level is below the skimmer box, as the compaction cannot be done at lower water levels.
  3. The customer is aware if the water table exceeds the excavation, no guarantees for pool levels, sides bowing, or paving sinkage can be provided upon the completion of the compaction. 
  4. The customer is aware that drainage from the paving must angle away from the pool and that loss of warranty will occur if the area does not have adequate drainage.
  5. The customer acknowledges any heavy material such as water features next to the pool, must be noted before compaction as additional costs will apply for areas that require extra compacting.
  6. The customer is aware that compacting is designed for standard paving only. If a material such as heavy features or rockery is placed on top of the pool, extra costs will apply for the area in question.
  7. The customer must inform Consolidation Enterprises if excavation soil is in water, clay or rock, and all warranties will be waived if river sand is used as backfill or there is screed sand around the shell. 
  8. It is essential that yellow garden sand is used for compaction. If brickies sand is purchased (is very high in clay content), the compaction may require completion in two stages, or we cannot guarantee the pool from bowing.
  9. All due care will be taken when working in clay excavations, but no warranties will be given unless the customer pays extra for the full warranty package.
  10. If clay content is found to be used in the backfill, the customer will be provided with options before completion. No responsibility will be taken for sides bowing, paving sinkage or pool levels.
  11. The customer is aware that clay content may require a second callout (at the customer’s expense) to allow for drainage between the washing in stages and the pencil compaction.
  12. If the customer wishes for the pool only to be washed in and not pencil compacted, a fee of $200.00 will apply.
  13. Consolidation Enterprises will guarantee the immediate surrounds of the shell for a maximum of twelve months. Any instruments such as penetrometers are not accepted as any form of gauge on the compaction.
  14. If concrete is required to be used for the compaction, additional supply and labour cost will apply.
    • Extra Labour & Concrete supplied by Consolidation Enterprises: $30.00
    • Extra Labour with Concrete supplied by Client: $20.00
  15. The customer is aware compactions are designed to eliminate air pockets in the immediate surrounds of the pool shell (up to 500mm)
  16. Standard compaction will compact up to 500mm from the pool shell. If the excavation exceeds 500mm from the shell, extra costs may apply.
  17. Retaining walls that retain sand towards the pool and exceed 500mm from the pool shell will not be covered under any warranty.  If the client wants the retaining walls to be compacted, it will be up to the client to contact Consolidation Enterprises and discuss options.
  18. Consolidation Enterprise will not take any responsibility for any movement or subsidence for any structure within 500mm of the pool, i.e., fence posts, patio posts, retaining walls etc.
  19. Excess sand must be within 5 metres of the pool; otherwise, extra labour charges may apply. If the client is unsure if there is enough sand on-site, the client can email a photo of the pool surround to consolidationptyltd@iinet.net.au
  20. Please note - NO warranties are given in areas where there is a high water table due to uncontrollable factors.
  21. If the area is compromised after compaction works are complete due to, i.e., underground roller blankets, the area which is comprised cannot be guaranteed unless this area is recompacted at additional costs.

Some contractors working in Perth around fibreglass and concrete pools are unqualified to do works such as pencil compacting. Please be aware using unprofessional contractors may void the warranty on your pools shell and are not recommended by the major pool companys for obvious reasons.

Before organising any works around your pool we recommend contacting your pool company and make sure they recommend only professionals who will fully guarantee their work and are willing to provide independent customer references. 


Expensive Results of Poor Compaction


The pictures above illustrates what can happen if an unqualified contractor compacts a pool. The shallow end of the pool has sunk by 30mm creating an uneven look when the pool is full. It now requires supports under the edgebeam to jack the shell to the correct height.

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