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Terms and Conditions for Services and Hire




The Hirer will have the option of paying by cash, credit/debit card (Ph.: 0421 882 653) or EFT (BSB: 066 167 Account No: 10191599). Unless prior arrangements are made, or an EFT payment transaction reference number is provided, your credit card will be processed within one week of stock being delivered. This also applies if the Hirer is not home on delivery/installation or on completion of the job.

Due to the increase in Bank Fees, a 1.5 % surcharge is payable if paying by credit card.

The Hirer is aware that if the total amount showing on the invoice is not paid within one calendar month after the stock is delivered, a late payment fee of 5% per week will be charged until the invoice is paid in full.  

All accounts that proceed to legal action will have an interest charge applied at the current general interest charge (GIC) rate as prescribed by the Australian Taxation Office, calculated daily from the due date until the amount outstanding is settled. The debtor will also be liable to cover all costs incurred regarding the recovery of the outstanding debt.



The Hirer acknowledges that the equipment delivered is the responsibility of the Hirer. Any equipment damaged, stolen, or removed from the site by any other party other than Consolidation Enterprises will be charged to the Hirer as per the price list.

Fence Panels


Timber Planks


Concrete Feet






Star Pickets






Protection Boards


(All prices include GST)

The Hirer is aware all quotes are based on 1 delivery/install and 1 collection. Extra charges will apply if Consolidation Enterprises is required to revisit, rectify, or modify the material due to no fault of Consolidation Enterprises.



Equipment will be installed by Consolidation Enterprises meeting local council regulations.

The initial hire period is specified on the confirmation of orders which has been emailed to the Hirers.

The Hire Period will commence specified in the confirmation of orders upon the date of the delivery/installation of the equipment and continue for the Initial hire period. Any extensions of that hire period will end when you notify Consolidation Enterprises that the equipment is no longer in use and is ready for collection. 

The Hirer is not permitted to claim a reduction or refund in hire fees for equipment returned before the end hire period.



The Hirer will:

Accept full responsibility for the safekeeping of the stock on site. Any loss, theft, or damage to the stock will be the hirer’s responsibility.

Accept full responsibility for and indemnify Consolidation Enterprises against all claims in respect of any injury to persons, or loss or damage to property, arising out of the possession or use of the equipment during the hire period. (Any unforeseeable damage to property like damages of water pipes/waste tanks unless Consolidation Enterprises was advised of the location of them)

Not be entitled to sell, transfer, mortgage, charge or encumber in any way the equipment nor without Consolidation Enterprises management prior written consent.

Not be entitled to remove the equipment from the site or allow it to be removed without Consolidation Enterprises’ permission.

Ensure that the Equipment is returned to Consolidation Enterprises Pty Ltd in the same condition as it was delivered.

Consolidation Enterprises may inspect the equipment from time to time during the hire period and the hirer shall permit representatives of Consolidation Enterprises to enter the site.


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Note: Most pool installations require heavy machinery like cranes, excavators and bobcats to use your driveway. These machines will leave PERMANENT DAMAGE without adaquate protection in place.


Damage Caused By Heavy Machinery

Pencil Compacting for immediate paving

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